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AA Auto Salvage King and Queen of the Dot 90 Returns


A.A. Auto Salvage, Inc., King/Queen of  Dot-90 Program


This program will reward $100 to the First run 8.900, 9.900, or 10.900 in Super Comp, Super Gas or Super Street respectively on a winning run at all 7 Northeast Division Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series Events.

If a dead-on run is not made at an event, the money for that category will carry over to the next event.

At the end of the season, the various winners of this award will be invited to participate in a winner take all $500 “Dead-on zero tournament” at the first Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series event in 2016. During the first scheduled time run session, each contestant winning the award in 2015 will have a chance to run 10.900, 9.900, 8.900 on their respective class index (8.90, 9.90, 10.90).   If no one runs dead-on with a zero on the class index, then the tournament will carry over to the scheduled second session.   During the second session, the racer running closest to the dial without break-out for their respective class will win the contest.  If a tie remains, the best overall package will be declared the winner (for example, a SST racer runs 10.901 and a SG racer runs 9.901, the tie will be broken with the best reaction time (red-lights not included, unless all affected drivers red light).

AA Auto Salvage Decal will be required for to participate in 2016.  Decals will be available at Virginia Motorsports Park.

Racers eligible for the Bonus money at Virginia Motorsports Park are:

In SST -- Laura Landry, Mark Proulx, Pete Sanca, Bill Arpine, Frank Renda, Bill Trum

In SG -- Tom Goldman, Ed Alesssi Jr., Jon Pellicane, Iggie Boicesco, Jerry Pierce

In SC -- Michele Costa, Jason Kenny, Dave Long





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