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Dave Mohn, Director
2420 Gehman Lane Suite 200
Lancaster, PA 17602
Ph: (717) 584-1200
Fax (717) 390-3052

Top 8 Shootouts Return to D-1


We will bring back shootouts on Friday after 2nd time run.  Qualifying will be based on first 2 sessions only.  $20 Entry collected in either base of tower or front of staging lanes (to be determined).


SST, SC, SG – top 8


Stock/SS – will be top 4 of each based on reaction time – stock vs. stock /super stock vs. super stock – final will be stock vs super stock.  Same deal $20 entry collected in either base of tower or front of staging lanes.  Best 4 reaction times of those who paid in each class (first 2 sessions only).  Dial-in format – no heads-up. No scales/ no fuel check.


Payout will be as follows:

Winner – 40%

Runner-up – 20%

DRAW – 10%

RFC – 10%

TRACK – 10%

D-1 – 10%


If we are unable to complete the Top 8 shootout on Friday, the winner in the SST,SC,SG Top 8 will be determined by the best package of the remaining contestants with the runner-up being the 2nd best package. Stock/SS combo will be best package of previous round or, if eliminations have not begun, the best reaction time from each class will split the winner and runner-up money.



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